The referees of Super Bowl LII may have avoided a Philadelphia meltdown by correctly upholding Zach Ertz's fourth-quarter Eagles touchdown on Sunday, but the vast majority of NFL fans still want the NFL to change its catch rule for next season.

A whopping 70 percent of more than 1,000 fans surveyed by Kroon Casino, in fact, said they would prefer a revised definition of a catch.

It's funny, perhaps, to think that in 2018 a multi-billion-dollar organization called the National Football League, which oversees more than 600 football games every year, remains under fire for its inability to define, let alone enforce, what constitutes as a catch. But countless incidents, from Ertz's extension over the goal line to the similar -- and differently ruled -- "catch" by the Pittsburgh Steelers' Jesse James earlier in the season, have kept fans chomping at the bit for change.

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Forty percent of the fans polled, most of whom also said they believed James completed a catch, said they were in favor of keeping the NFL's catch rule "mostly the same" but changing the "going-to-the-ground" language on plays where the ball is extended over the goal line (i.e. the Ertz, James plays).

Thirty-seven percent said they were in favor of changing that language on all plays across the field.

And 20 percent said they wanted the NFL to completely rewrite the rule -- something commissioner Roger Goodell suggested could be in the cards.