The Pats are more comfortable than most anyone else would be with their quarterback position. Which is not surprising. Maybe Jimmy Garoppolo can hold a clipboard and have to hand the ball off in emergency situations Thursday night (sources continue to tell me that is not entirely out of the question), and the Pats have contingencies in place for various scenarios.

They are not averse to putting former college quarterback Julian Edelman under center and running variations of the Wildcat with him. Remember, they tried Tim Tebow for a spell. If anyone would relish an opportunity to win a game via pure coaching and scheme, it's Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniels.

Jacoby Brissett isn't too scared for this big stage and the Pats never felt pressed to sign a veteran quarterback this week -- especially with so little prep time to get him ready anyway, and with Brissett demanding as much of their attention as possible to get him ready. They'll have an array of run looks and plays to get the youngster out of the pocket and into space to try to open things up downfield.

More NFL notes

Cleveland Browns

Another week, and another referendum on the Browns' quarterback evaluations. Week 1 it was all about how Cleveland passed on Carson Wentz. Week 2 showed how ridiculous it was to waste an entire offseason pretending RG3 was a viable starting option, when Josh McCown was exponentially better all along -- as the rest of the football world already knew, and as McCown expertly displayed on Sunday, until he too suffered a shoulder injury behind that porous offensive line that didn't need Mitchell Schwartz.

So now we get the debut of rookie Cody Kessler, who several evaluators I trust had a sixth-or-seventh-round grade on, but whom the Browns took in the third round -- anything but a throwaway pick. Don't compare Kessler -- who is being thrown to the wolves being this raw playing behind a makeshift line that's already losing starters -- to Wentz or anyone like that, however.

I'd suggest maybe a better comparison is Dak Prescott, who is doing tremendous work for Dallas after being thrust into starting duty. Prescott went one round later than Kessler (other teams were shocked how high Kessler went); Prescott was the 135th overall pick and Kessler was the 93rd pick. If Kessler has close to the command, poise, arm, touch, headiness and leadership that Prescott has displayed, then maybe the Browns are on to something and everyone else is wrong.

Even if Kessler is better than expected, however, you have to wonder if he'll make it to October with this cast around him. Charlie Whitehurst will very likely have to earn that paycheck soon enough.

Chicago Bears

There's lots of turmoil in Chicago, which had been bubbling under the surface since the spring and only required a slow start to escalate the friction. This is not a franchise that is prone to making coaching moves very often early in regimes, but that is not a good football team, injuries are mounting and the John Fox era could be short-lived. Fox, Rex Ryan and Gus Bradley will be three names you continue to hear on the hot seat until or unless their teams make some dramatic turns from what they have put on film the first two weeks.