If you stayed up to watch the Jets and Colts on Monday night, you weren't alone. But you sure were close. Indy thrashed a lifeless Jets team 41-10, and there weren't a whole lot of people watching it happen.

The Sports Business Journal reports that the Colts-Jets overnight rating narrowly missed being the lowest-rated Monday Night Football game in history behind the Falcons-Saints game from September that went up against a presidential debate.

It wasn't just fans at home bolting the game, either. The New York Daily News has shots of the stands that are just sad -- most of the Jets fans in attendance cleared out at halftime. And at the end of the game it was just the die-hard fans left.

And the guys with custom bags on their heads.

Bagman USA TODAY Sports

And the streakers.

A New Jersey state trooper tackles a fan who ran on to the field during Monday's game. USATSI

But even they were taken away by police.

The shirtless fan. USATSI