The Cowboys pulled off an impressive 31-26 victory over the Redskins on Thursday, looking sharp in all phases of offense and better than expected on defense. Washington could have won, of course, but they didn't take advantage of some good field position and solid drives in the first half, coming away with field goals where they needed to get touchdowns.

The Redskins didn't get much help from the natural elements, though. During multiple drives and on one long field goal attempt, the sun was blinding multiple Washington players.

Kirk Cousins, who finished with a massive 449-yard game, was struggling staring into the blinding rays created by the monstrosity that is Jerry World.

Kicker Dustin Hopkins also dealt with the sun, staring straight into the rays during a 55-yard field goal attempt.

Hopkins, for his part, said that he's "paid to make kicks."

It would easy to go full conspiracy theory and claim the Cowboys set this up on purpose in order to get an advantage during certain portions of the game.

But this is something that's happened before, with Dallas actually losing as a result of the sun, even though they refused to actually blame the bright light in AT&T Stadium.

So it's nothing more than a feature of the stadium that actually feels like a bug when you're waltzing into the bright light.