While the Raiders' proposed timeline has the team making a move from Oakland to Las Vegas in time for the 2020 season, there is now a "distinct possibility" the move could be delayed until 2021. Raiders president Marc Badain said this week that if the Raiders and the stadium authority board in Las Vegas do not come to an agreement on a lease at the owners meetings later this month (May 22), they would likely have to delay the move another year. 

"In order to approve a lease, you need full membership, and the league has four meetings a year: one in March, one in May, one in October and one in December," Badain said after a public meeting of the Las Vegas Stadium Authority board, per CSN Bay Area. "So, if you miss the May deadline, you push to October, we would lose a year, and everybody wants to get this project going, everybody wants to get these guys to work. So we didn't want to miss that deadline."

The actual move to Las Vegas was approved by a 31-1 vote (the Dolphins were the lone "no" vote) at the NFL's March owner's meetings, and next up on the agenda is the lease. Stadium Authority board chairman Steve Hill said he believes the two sides can come to an agreement on a conditional lease that can be presented at the meetings. 

"There's been no 'get this done or else' type of approach on this request (from the NFL), certainly done in a very appropriate manner," Hill said. "But I understand, particularly from the Raiders perspective and really from ours as well, the desire to move this forward. They are investing obviously significantly in this community and they have started to do that, and I wouldn't want to move too far forward if I didn't know that I had a deal either."

The proposed lease is expected to run 30 years and cover capital expenses that come up as the facility ages, per CSN. The Raiders' lease in Oakland currently runs through 2018, though Raiders owner Marc Davis said he'd be willing to stay longer than that if the fans of Oakland want to keep them around through 2019 while they await construction in Las Vegas. 

"We have two more years of lease options for Oakland right now," Davis said. "If the fans would like us to stay there, we'd love to be there for that and possibly talk to them about extending it for maybe 2019 as well and try to bring a championship back to Oakland."

It's unknown whether he would extend the same option for 2020 as well, but one would presume that would be the case, given his feelings on 2019.