The Rams did not play winning football on Sunday, which is why they lost by 28 points to the Falcons. They botched the opening kickoff return, allowed a touchdown on their first defensive snap, turned the ball over five times, let Matt Ryan throw for three touchdowns in three quarters without his top two receivers, and didn't score until the fourth quarter when they were trailing 42-0.

So no, the Rams did not play winning football, which shouldn't exactly come as a shock given nobody has lost more football games than Jeff Fisher, who is still employed by the Rams.

Todd Gurley -- a good running back stuck on an anemic offense -- had some thoughts about the offense's performance against a Falcons defense that isn't good.

First, he said the Rams' offense looked like a "middle school offense." Then he called out their effort level. He also refused to talk about the five turnovers.

At 4-9, the Rams probably aren't even going to reach that 7-9 record Fisher so desperately wanted to avoid before the season, unless of course they manage to beat Seahawks, 49ers and Cardinals to close out the season. And yet, Fisher was the recipient of a contract extension, so he's likely to remain in Los Angeles barring a firing. Still, Gurley didn't place any blame on the coaching staff.

But Gurley should be frustrated. He's a legit top-five talent -- evidenced by his electric rookie year -- that plays alongside an awful offensive line, subpar receivers, and a rookie quarterback who couldn't beat out Case Keenum for half a season. As a result, Gurley hasn't hit the 100-yard mark once this season.

For what it's worth, I'm willing to bet that Gurley managed to rush for 100 yards way back in middle school.