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If you live in New York City and you thought you saw Tom Brady riding a bike down the street over the weekend, we have some good news for you: You're not crazy. 

The Buccaneers quarterback decided to get some impromptu exercise in on Saturday morning by renting a bike to ride through the city and we know he actually did that because he filmed his bike-riding adventure and put it on social media. 

Although Brady looks to be having a good time, one part of his bike ride definitely left a few fans in shock and that's the fact that Brady wasn't wearing a helmet. 

There's no law saying that an adult in New York City has to wear a helmet while they ride a bike, but fans were still surprised to see that Brady decided to eschew protection on his head, especially since he just signed a $375 million contract with Fox. 

That's a fair point. 

Let's check out a few more tweets. 

Although some people were worried about Brady's health, others just wanted him to wear one to set a good example for the kids. 

That guy's mom definitely wasn't the only one wondering about Brady's helmet. 

This isn't the first time that Brady has left fans concerned with his offseason exploits. Back in 2015, a few Patriots fans freaked out after he decided to go cliff-diving in Costa Rica. One year later, there was some more panic in New England after Brady went down a double-black diamond slope in Montana. 

Brady might not be wearing a bike helmet this offseason, but he has been gladly wearing another kind of helmet.