MINNEAPOLIS -- Not even the best passing performance in Super Bowl history was enough to propel the Patriots to victory on Sunday. 

Although Tom Brady won't be taking the Lombardi Trophy home this year, he did etch his name into the record book with his 505-yard passing performance against the Eagles. The passing record was one of 29 records that the two teams broke (17) or tied (12) on Sunday during Philadelphia's wild 41-33 win over New England at U.S. Bank Stadium.  

Of those 29 records, seven of them were personally tied or broken by Brady. The 505-yard passing performance broke a record that Brady just set last year against the Falcons. In the Patriots' 34-28 win over Atlanta, Brady threw for 467 yards. 

Brady also extended many of his career records. In eight Super Bowl games, Brady has racked up more career passing attempts (357), completions (235) and passing yards (2,576) than any other player in Super Bowl history. Brady also has more Super Bowl passing touchdowns (18) than any other player in NFL history. 

With the nonstop offensive fireworks on Sunday, the Patriots and Eagles managed to combine to break multiple records. The two teams set the Super Bowl record for most combined total yards (1,151) and most combined passing yards (874). The 1,151-yard total actually represents the most yards in any NFL game, including the regular season and playoffs.

The offensive explosion from New England and Philly meant that punters Ryan Allen and Donnie Jones spent most of the game on the bench. The one combined punt by both teams set a Super Bowl record, and the Patriots also set another record by becoming the first team not to punt the ball a single time in the Super Bowl. 

The two teams also set a unique record that might not ever get broken: most failed extra points. The Eagles and Patriots failed on a total of four PAT conversions in the game, with each kicker missing one extra point and each team missing one two-point conversion.  

Here's a list of all the records that were broken in Super Bowl LII 

Most Games -- 8, Tom Brady

Most Games, Head Coach -- 8, Bill Belichick

Most Passes, Career -- 357, Tom Brady

Most Completions, Career -- 235, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards, Career -- 2,576, Tom Brady

Most Passing Yards, Game -- 505, Tom Brady

Most Touchdown Passes, Career -- 18, Tom Brady

Most Games, Team -- 10, New England

Most Points, Game, Losing Team -- 33, New England

Most First Downs Passing, Game, Both Teams -- 42

Most Total Yards, Game, Team -- 613, New England

Most Total Yards, Game, Both Teams -- 1,151

Most Passing Yards, Game, Team -- 500, New England

Most Passing Yards, Game, Both Teams -- 874

Fewest Punts, Game, Team -- 0, New England

Fewest Punts, Game, Both Teams -- 1

Most Missed PAT Conversions, Game, Both Teams -- 4

Here's a list of all the Super Bowl records that were tied on Sunday

Most Passes, None Intercepted, Game -- 48, Tom Brady

Most Field Goals, Game, Both Teams -- 5

Most First Downs, Game, Both Teams -- 54

Most Passes, Game, Both Teams -- 93

Most Touchdown Passes, Game, Both Teams -- 7

Fewest Times Sacked, Game, Team – 0, Philadelphia

Fewest Times Sacked, Game, Both Teams – 1

Fewest Punt Returns, Game, Both Teams – 0

Fewest Yards, Punt Returns, Game, Both Teams – 0

Fewest Fumbles, Game, Team – 0, Philadelphia

Fewest Fumbles Lost, Game, Team – 0, Philadelphia

Most Missed PAT Conversions, Game, Team – 3, Philadelphia