As Tom Brady's relationship with Patriots coach Bill Belichick soured in recent years, one area of contention was the removal of one of the future Hall of Famer's closest confidants and business partners from the team's facility in Foxborough. That is not an issue in Tampa Bay.

Sources said that Brady's trainer and co-architect in the TB12 lifestyle brand, Alex Guerrero, is a fixture with the quarterback in Tampa, has an office within the team's facility and is working not only with Brady and Rob Gronkowski, his former teammate in New England, but a host of other players as well on a daily basis. The import of his relationship with Brady cannot be overstated, and Brady is thrilled to be back in his old routine and have access to Guerrero whenever he needs him through the workday at the facility. 

"He has been fully integrated into the Bucs facility," said one source with knowledge of the situation. "He's working with several other players who have been very receptive to what he and Tom are doing."

The entire football world is fixated on what the 43-year-old can accomplish in Tampa, with Super Bowl or bust always Brady's mantra, and the expectations for the Buccaneers are higher than they have been since the peak of the Tony Dungy era. That's something Brady is accustomed to, and in trying to replicate some of his success from New England, getting back into his peak routine with Guerrero was of great significance to the quarterback. The way the Bucs have embraced Guerrero has not gone unnoticed by Brady.

"They've rolled out the red carpet for him in every way possible," the source said.

The fallout of Belichick's dismissal of Guerrero from team facilities a few years back was well chronicled, and some close to the quarterback believe it played at least some role in his eventual departure (though for any uber-powerful coach and QB to spend 20 years together is an anomaly in and of itself). Guerrero ended up opening a facility nearby where Brady and several other teammates would rely on, which also frustrated other Patriots players who had come to rely on Guerrero's methods.

Brady believes the TB12 philosophy to be fundamental to his achievements and, in particular, his astounding longevity, and he continues to tell friends and associates that he plans to continue playing until at least age 45. After a hiatus from the Patriots facility, now Guerrero will be right there with Brady at work in Tampa as he attempts to do so.