Tony Romo can't be happy about his canceled fantasy football convention. (Getty Images)
Tony Romo can't be happy about his canceled Fantasy football convention. (USTASI)

Over the weekend Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo announced the NFL canceled his fantasy football event in Las Vegas, a very "disappointing" move in his eyes.

Tuesday Romo continued to talk about the event, speaking with 105.3 the Fan in Dallas and lamenting a loss of a "great opportunity" for fans to meet their favorite players.

"It's a disappointing week or so because we thought we put something together that was a great opportunity for fans to meet up with the players of the National Football League. Obviously the NFL didn't feel that way," Romo said. "We thought we were in the right and we took some steps to ensure the convention would be a resounding success and in the process we didn't realize the NFL had trouble with the venue and some other things that they eventually came up with. When we looked at it, they had plenty of opportunity back in March and April to do these same things.

"We're just disappointed for a lot of the fans and people who got tickets, got hotels booked and had their hard-earned money used for this event."

There were a host of big-name players involved in the convention, including Rob GronkowskiAntonio BrownLe'Veon BellJamaal CharlesDeMarco Murray and Eddie Lacy

The event was initially slated for July 10-12 in Las Vegas at a casino-related property in the Sands Expo. Players were allegedly contacted and told they would be fined or even suspended for attending, something a league spokesperson denied. 

Romo called the league's decision to wait until the last moment to cancel "very troublesome" and questioned the league to keep its own employees from participating. 

"Waiting until this point was what was very troublesome. The NFL ended up outlawing each one of their employees this week from the event," Romo said. "Some of them were going to be basically headlining or basically the host of certain parts of it. Obviously the NFL changed their stance just recently. It's hard not to think that as the convention got bigger ... that that didn't concern them a little bit. Obviously they took a stance and they took steps to ensure it didn't [happen]."

His biggest concern is the lack of communication from the NFL, would "could've called me ... at any point." Romo says he and the NFFC would've "changed venues" had they known. (The convention is now moving to July 16 in Los Angeles.)

"That's also what makes it difficult to process. At any point the NFL could've called me. Or the head of the NFFC, who organized the event," We would've changed venues a long time ago if we thought it was a problem. It makes me think they didn't want the event to be a success. That was really what it ends up feeling like. They wanted to wait until it got close enough and tell all the players they would get suspended or fined. That way no one attends and the event just fails."

So all of this goes down early Tuesday, with Romo questioning the league openly. On Tuesday afternoon, the NFL tweeted a now-deleted tweet, captured by 105.3's Twitter account, simply saying "Hi, Tony."

Romo, who cited the Detroit Lions partnership with MGM Grand in his comments on 105.3, has yet to respond to the NFL via Twitter. But if he does and it's anything like the rest of his tweets, it should be a pretty sick burn.