If we all learned one thing about Tony Romo last year, it's that he has an uncanny ability to predict the future on the football field. 

It you want to know what's going to happen before it actually happens, then just plan to watch whatever game Romo is broadcasting. (Note: Romo is on CBS and CBS is everyone's favorite network, so finding him should be easy. Also CBS will be streaming NFL games to your cell phone in 2018, so you have no excuse not to watch).  

Since we know how good Romo is at predicting things in the booth, you might be wondering what his prediction is for the entire 2018 season. Well, it looks like we now have that answer. 

After holding his annual football camp in Burlington, Wisconsin last week, Romo took some time to field a few questions from local media, and that's when he gave us his team to beat for 2018.

"I think the Packers probably got better, maybe more than any team I saw this offseason," Romo said, via WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee. "If the secondary is a little bit better, I think they're the team to beat this year."

Although Green Bay's secondary struggled in the 2017, the Packers basically spent their entire offseason trying to beef up the unit. The Packers selected two cornerbacks with their first two picks of the 2018 NFL Draft (Jaire Alexander and Josh Jackson). 

Now, before you go bet the Packers to win the Super Bowl, Romo did add a few caveats to his statement that they're the team to beat. 

"It's too early and injuries happen and things can happen, but right now, they're right at the top for me as far as a pick for a team you wouldn't want to see in the playoffs," Romo said. 

If any team knows about injuries, it's Green Bay. The Packers were 4-1 last season before losing Aaron Rodgers to a collarbone injury in Week 6. After Rodgers went down, the Packers lost five of their next six on their way to a 7-9 season. 

With Rodgers now healthy, Romo is expecting a big year from the Packers quarterback, and that's mainly because Rodgers will have a new weapon in the form of tight end Jimmy Graham. 

"The Jimmy Graham thing is a big deal, people don't understand," Romo said. "You're going to see old school Jimmy Graham. When you pair him with Aaron Rodgers, you're going to see a little bit of a different animal. In the red zone, that will be almost unstoppable."

If anyone knows the value of having an unstoppable tight end , it's Romo, who connected on 37 touchdown passes with Jason Witten while the two were in Dallas together. 

Anyway, if the Packers do make it to the Super Bowl, Romo is going to have a front row seat to see them. The NFL's biggest game is being broadcast on CBS this year, which means Romo and Jim Nantz will be in the booth when the game kicks off from Atlanta on February 3, 2019.