Prior to Sunday's game against the Minnesota Vikings, Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott had to get loose. He did so in a very interesting routine that was made for the internet to make fun of. Prescott was seen thrusting his hips around during drills in an effort to making throwing on the run a tad easier.

The routine certainly appeared to work wonders as Prescott completed 28-of-46 passes for 397 yards and three touchdowns despite a 28-24 loss at the hands of the Vikings.

However, the Twitter world had some serious fun mocking Prescott's hip-thrusting routine throughout the night. Here's a few samples of what fans thought of Prescott's antics, which went viral

Fans clearly had a great time mocking Prescott for his new pregame ritual, which is quite a bit different than anything that has been seen before. Now, it did prove to be effective as Prescott completed multiple passes on the run and has proved to be a very mobile signal caller during his time with the Cowboys.

However, the internet and the Vikings had the last laugh, because the Cowboys lost 28-24.

It's certainly going to be interesting to see if this is something that Prescott keeps doing prior to games or if he stops due to the social media jokes. Either way, he provided fans with a good laugh prior to what turned out to be a stellar Sunday night contest.