If ever you needed a reminder that Philadelphia Eagles fans are not the only NFL fans whose game-day behavior can cross the line, look no further than the Minnesota Vikings faithful.

Just as it's true, in contrast to popular opinion, that not all Eagles fans are heartless fear-mongers (The Mike Zimmer Foundation is up $7,000 in donations thanks to apologetic Philly followers), it's also true that not all Vikings fans are out for revenge after their unfortunate experiences in the City of Brotherly Love.

With Super Bowl LII approaching and Eagles fans set to flood the Twin Cities, however, some very much are.

As noted by Daily Snark, a handful of Vikings fans have taken to Twitter and Facebook in recent days to recruit people who will either throw things at those in Eagles jerseys -- beer or "folding chairs," specifically -- or sign up to be Uber drivers only to drop visiting Eagles fans off at the wrong locations.

Nothing highlights the classlessness of Philly fans who throw beer cans by ... throwing beer cans, right?

Take that, Philadelphia! And let me steal your Uber money while we show you which fan base has better manners!

In all reality, most Minnesota fans won't stumble upon the Facebook invites for "Toss Stuff at Eagles fans Super Bowl Sunday," and most won't take the time to become Uber drivers just to spite the unruly faction of Eagles fans. (Who wants to deal with Super Bowl traffic, anyway?) But it's clear some Vikings fans still aren't happy about their experiences in Philadelphia.

Maybe they should've listened to their own newscasters, who painted Philly as some kind of apocalyptic wasteland and tried warning people not to associate with the "gangs" that are Eagles supporters.