Oftentimes when an NFL team scores a touchdown, the camera cuts to shots of the coach from the scoring team on the sideline, pumping his fist, aggressively chewing some gum, high fiving other players and coaches, etc. 

Patriots coach Bill Belichick's been seen doing plenty of sideline celebrating, but he wasn't doing much of it on Sunday against the Dolphins. 

Belichick, who was mic'd up for NFL Films "Sound F/X" this week, was spotted by cameras just not celebrating at all. The whole clip here is outstanding -- come for the measurement demands, stay for the lack of celebration.


Let's break some of them down.

This might be the most enthusiastic of the bunch. A HAND IS SHOWING. Or maybe Belichick was just bothered by the sun. 

On the second touchdown he was too bored to even let the sun bother him.

On the third touchdown you can see other players walking by him, clapping, raising hands, celebrating. Sigh, another score.


Again, raised hands, jubilation and nothing from Belichick. Just a casual stroll down the sidelines. 

He's too locked into the next possession, the next defensive stop to worry about silly little touchdowns. The Patriots should be absolutely terrifying to everyone involved.

But it wasn't all casual elegance. There was also Belichick getting miffed about landing a football in his arms and making a ball boy hustle a little extra for the ball. DO YOUR JOB, BALLBOY.

Or maybe Bill just doesn't want to have a bunch of video of him holding those balls on tape. Either way, just a glorious stretch of video and audio from the most entertaining coach in football.