WATCH: Cardinals rookie Budda Baker proves he is a special kind of athletic freak

Lie on the ground, on your back. Keep your knees bent, bring them to your chest, with your feet up in the air and your hands off the ground. Now try and jump from lying flat to standing straight up.

Oh, I'm sorry, you just snapped a vertebrae and may be no longer actually be alive. 

My bad. Probably should have warned you that the average human can't do that. I'm 99 percent sure I can't. There are probably plenty of athletes who can, but what about someone who can do that only if you add a full set of football pads to his body?

Budda Baker is that kind of guy. And the former Washington safety showed it on Saturday evening in between plays when the Cardinals and Bears squared off in the preseason. At the end of a play, Baker found himself lying on the ground. So he did what anyone with his athleticism would do. He jumped up.

That's just ... silly. Just absolutely silly. No doubt there are other guys in the NFL who can do this, but Baker has special levels of athleticism, having been a high school champion in the 100-meter dash. He ran one of the five fastest 40 times for all safeties at the combine, and registered a 32.5-inch vertical despite standing at 5'10".

He plays about like you would expect given his athletic skills too, which is going to be fun for Cardinals fans in 2017.

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