If you've ever wanted to train like Marshawn Lynch, now you can. All you have to do is buy a pair of hiking boots, head to your local beach and then do foot drills until you can't walk anymore. 

Of course, even if you do that, you probably won't look half as impressive as Lynch did during his workout this week. With the Raiders on hiatus until late July, Beast Mode decided to head to the beach and get a workout in with Luis Badillo Jr., who supposedly has the fastest feet in the world

The crazy thing is that Lynch actually held his own against Badillo during each drill that they did. Not only that, but you could argue that Marshawn's performance was actually more impressive -- because he was wearing boots!

Seriously, he did an entire workout in boots. 

Now, I have no idea why Marshawn was wearing boots at the beach, but my guess is that it's because he still hasn't gotten his cleats down from that electric wire he left them on. 

Once he gets his cleats back, Beast Mode is going to be a nightmare for opposing defenders. Based on this one workout, I'm projecting Lynch to rush for 5,000 yards this year, because I'm not sure he's going to let anyone tackle him on any play for the entire season. 

By the way, if you're thinking about adding Marshawn's regimen to your workout plan, you're also going to have to wake up at 6:24 a.m. every morning and do 200 push-ups along with 200 sit-ups, because he does that, too. 

If Lynch's workouts are any indication, it sounds like he plans on going Beast Mode on every defense in the NFL this year.