The Minneapolis Miracle -- or whatever name we're going to give the game-winning touchdown catch by Stefon Diggs from Case Keenum to propel the Vikings into the NFC Championship game -- was one of the wildest endings in NFL playoff history. Re-watching the game, there's a brief moment where you think Diggs is going to get out of bounds to set up a game-winning field goal attempt, then both you and he realize there's no one left to beat and he's going to score. 

But like a secret level on a video game, there are some angles and different audio to the game that are worth checking out as well. 

First up is the sideline view the Vikings media team captured. They had someone stationed on the sideline where the play happened, near the end zone, so you can see Diggs catch the ball in the distance and come streaking down the sideline, scoring the touchdown and offering up his score to the legions of Vikings fans melting down.

Not kidding -- I've watched this video 15 times and it doesn't get any older. Every time there's something different you catch. Diggs realizes EARLY that he's alone and he's going to score. You can see the mistake Marcus Williams makes in real time. The ref (I think it's Gene Steratore) throwing a flag on Diggs for tossing his helmet -- AS IF HE CARES -- is high comedy. Diggs is mobbed. Things are flying from the stands. He nearly gets suffocated by his teammates in the tunnel.

It's sheer chaos, an insider view of what it's like in one of the greatest moments in sports.

Also worth your time is the radio call of this moment from KFAN Vikings announcer Paul Allen. It's from high above but don't think it means any less -- this is a guy with a long history working for the Vikings -- and he absolutely loses his mind. They guys don't even know what's happening exactly, there's just a lot of "OH MY GOD" screaming as Diggs is impossibly sprinting for the end zone.

This thing is like an onion, man. It's the first-ever walk-off, fourth-quarter touchdown in NFL playoff history. The Vikings had the ball on their own 39-yard line with 10 seconds left. This thing was OVER. Best case they were getting some kind of deep look at a field goal. 

More likely they were getting tackled in bounds while trying to do some kind of lateral situation. Instead, we're left with a historical moment in NFL lore and a whole lot of drama from the sidelines and sounds.