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Lately, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has had some mystery tied to him. People have been wondering about his future with Green Bay, unsure of whether he will end up finishing his career there. Then he subtly announced that he had a fiancee during his NFL MVP speech. He kept some mystery there, as he did not announce who he was engaged to at the time, though it was eventually confirmed he is going to marry actress Shailene Woodley.

Still, there was even more mystery in his MVP speech when he made a seemingly random reference to actress Jodie Foster, leaving many wondering what the connection to her was.

"Off the field I got a great group of people that support me, so I'd like to thank my team off the field," Rodgers said, listing many people, before mentioning Foster.

Aaron, we have so many questions about so many things!

Foster has a connection to Woodley, as the actresses are co-stars in the new movie "The Mauritanian." But it's a little more than that. Foster gave us some better insight on why she got a shoutout from the Packers star during an appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" recently. 

Foster, a Packers superfan, doesn't know Rodgers personally but said "he just knows I'm his biggest fan."

Excited, Foster chose to interpret this as meaning she has a spot on the team:

"He said 'MY team,' that makes me a Green Bay Packer ... People keep saying, 'No Jodie, that does not mean you're part of the team,' but it does mean I'm part of the team."

Kimmel asked if she wins a Golden Globe will she thank Rodgers, and she responded with an enthusiastic "absolutely," but notes she might have to mention the entire Packers roster.

"Davante Adams has to be in there somewhere," she said.

Well, Foster kept her word. Rodgers did get a thank you as Foster took home a Golden Globe on Sunday for her performance in "The Mauritanian." Foster took the opportunity to thank her wife, her dog, the Hollywood Foreign Press .. and the Packers quarterback in excited fashion.

It was Foster's third Golden Globe win, as she also won for "The Accused" in 1989 and "Silence of the Lambs" in 1992.