Tom Brady will be taking his talents down to Tampa Bay to be the next quarterback of the Buccaneers. Prior to that decision, however, the NFL-watching world was dissecting Brady's market and it appears like the Bucs and Chargers were two clubs firmly in the mix along with a possible return to New England. 

One team that was thought to be a big player for Brady in the weeks leading up to free agency was the Las Vegas Raiders. After all, the club seemed intent on upgrading from Derek Carr and there were plenty of rumors swirling about Jon Gruden's potential interest in Brady. But, no marriage was made and the Raiders didn't even make a formal offer in hopes of landing TB12. As Vic Tafur of The Athletic reports, however, Vegas was looking pretty hard into Brady. Part of the reason why they never went all-in in their pursuit was because of the soon-to-be 43-year-old's price tag and what they evaluated to be a decline in his production over the past couple of years.  

"The Raiders were indeed sniffing around Brady as late as this week," Tafur writes. "And while it is true they never made him an offer, some ballpark numbers were made known to him at some point. The Raiders weren't going to go as high as the guaranteed $25 million per year for two years that the Bucs gave the 42-year-old quarterback - the game film the last two years just didn't warrant that in the Raiders' minds."

Tafur adds that the Raiders never felt like they were a "serious finalist" for Brady. Had they been, the club would have begun shopping Carr around the league. They weren't, so the thought of Brady sporting Raiders colors was left solely for the photoshoppers. With that, both sides decided to go in different directions. For Brady, he's heading down to Tampa Bay in hopes of putting an exclamation point on his Hall of Fame career and hunt for a seventh Super Bowl title. As for the Raiders, they've elected to keep Carr, but did sign Marcus Mariota as a backup and it appears like both quarterbacks will compete for a role in the offense once they get to training camp in the summer.