If we've learned anything this NHL postseason, it's that the Vegas Golden Knights aren't afraid to really go for it when it comes to their pregame ceremonies. Those ceremonies have been quite a tacky, over-the-top spectacle...and why shouldn't they be? It's Vegas, after all.

With the Golden Knights advancing to the Western Conference Final and hosting their first home game on Wednesday night, the team had a chance to roll out another one of those crazy intros. The Golden Knights have made a habit of working the opposition into the festivities, usually by having an actual golden knight defeat the opponent's flag-bearer in choreographed center ice battle.

But Vegas really managed to outdo itself with this Winnipeg Jets-themed intro.

While this intro has plenty of elements -- including a flaming archer eliminating Western Conference teams one by one -- the headliner is the literal golden knight slicing an ice projection of an actual jet in half before it crashes and burns in a flaming wreck. (Can't wait to hear about how that's insensitive to plane crashes.) 

I mean, how often can you go to a hockey game and witness a ironclad man cut a jet in half? In a league that is often way too self-serious, the Vegas Golden Knights have provided a refreshing (and spectacularly weird) change of pace.

And, for what it's worth, the bizarre spectacle seems have succeeded in securing a home ice advantage. The crowd went nuts during the pregame, and then Jonathan Marchessault got the home team on the board just 35 seconds into the game.

We may have to give an assist to Los Angeles Kings defenseman Drew Doughty on that goal, despite the fact that his team was eliminated by the Knights over a month ago. 

Stay weird and stay petty, Vegas. You're doing great.