Bank of Ann Arbor billboards are a staple of the local landscape in the University of Michigan's hometown. Its marketing campaigns over the years have featured memorable billboards such as "non-local banks think The Big Ten has 10 teams" and several welcoming Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh back to campus in 2014.

And the upcoming Final Four matchup between Michigan and Loyola-Chicago is such a big deal that the Bank of Ann Arbor is rolling out special billboards for the game against the Ramblers with a not-so-subtle message for their 98-year-old chaplain, Sister Jean.

Michigan hasn't had a game this big -- arguably in any sport -- since 2013 when it lost in the NCAA Tournament national title game to Louisville. The folks in Ann Arbor are getting into the spirit, and that's perfect for a small-town business like the Bank of Ann Arbor.

Michigan has been pretty brazen towards Sister Jean, and fans should possibly worry that the team is watching more film of Sister Jean than the Loyola-Chicago basketball team. After their win over Florida State, Michigan's players downplayed their knowledge of Loyola-Chicago's lucky charm, while Jalen Rose's grandmother said that Sister Jean's run is over.

Sister Jean has ingratiated herself into the hearts of college basketball fans, but Michigan can't get caught up in all of that. The team wants to capitalize on its improbable Final Four appearance, and that means beating a Ramblers team playing its best basketball of the season. However, that isn't going to stop the city from having some fun at Loyola-Chicago's expense.