It seems like more and more often the NFL is reminding us that we know nothing. That matchups don't matter as much as we'd like them to. That past performance is a guarantee of nothing. That not all Fantasy points are accrued in the same manner.

That's not to say we can't continue to learn things each week. Or that there aren't anomalies we just have to ignore. In fact, those are the most important things you can discern as a Fantasy owner.

Jeremy Langford is an RB1 until Matt Forte returns, and lowers Forte's value once he does.

I was one of those people that thought starting the Bears running back on the road against a good Rams defense was a bad idea. I was wrong.

Langford has now started two games and he's the top running back in Fantasy over those two weeks. He's a decisive runner, but more importantly he's excelled in the passing game.

Verdict: Believe it. Langford has done it through the air and on the ground and looks like the future of the running back position in Chicago. That last part should be the most troubling for Forte owners.

Forte turns 30 in less than a month and the Bears could very well be out of the playoff race by the time he's fully recovered from his MCL injury. If your trade deadline is approaching and you're counting on Forte down the stretch I'd be looking to make a trade.

Kirk Cousins should be stashed for his playoff matchups.

In two of the past three weeks Cousins has played against terrible pass defenses and absolutely thrashed them. He scored 4 touchdowns and threw for over 300 yards against both the Saints and Buccaneers. Obviously you aren't starting him against the Panthers in Week 11, but that doesn't mean you should drop him.

Cousins faces the Bears, Bills and Eagles in the Fantasy playoffs. The Bears and Bills are tied with 17 passing touchdowns allowed this season -- the sixth most in the NFL. The Eagles have only surrendered 15, but they've given up more yards than Bears, Bills or even the Bucs.

Cousins is maturing and developing into a mid-range quarterback who can take advantage of good matchups.

Verdict: Don't believe it. Yes, Cousins just torched the worst defense in the NFL. That doesn't make him a streaming option, it just makes him like every other quarterback who's faced the Saints.

By the end of this season we're going to have a healthy Tony Romo and Ben Roethlisberger. Which means we're likely going to have 25 or more quarterbacks who are more talented than Cousins. Don't waste a roster spot on a player who is likely going to disappoint you when it matters most.

Lamar Miller is a PPR RB1 in Dan Campbell's system.

We've had plenty of Man Campbell jokes here, but the one thing that has remained fairly consistent is the value of Lamar Miller. Miller ran for more than 100 yards in his first two games under Campbell and has caught at least five passes in every game since.

I'm slightly worried about Miller's RB1 value in standard leagues with the emergence of Jay Ajayi, but in PPR there's little reason to expect anything different than what we've seen.

Verdict: Believe it. Here are Miller's RB finishes since Campbell took over as coach:

Week 6: Ninth
Week 7: First
Week 8: 12th
Week 9: Second
Week 10: Fifth

I'm not sure it could be clearer than that.

Despite his lack of weapons, Cam Newton is a top five QB the rest of the way.

We spent a lot of time this preseason downgrading Newton because of his lack of weapons, especially after Kelvin Benjamin was hurt. It was just difficult to see how you could rank him in the top 10 with Ted Ginn, Jr. as his top option.

Well, Newton has proved us wrong and then some. He's on pace for his second most passing yards and his most passing touchdowns all while continuing to succeed on the ground.

Verdict: Don't believe it. Newton has been outstanding this year and proved most all of us wrong, but with Roethlisberger and Romo coming back from injury it becomes much more difficult to squeeze into the top five.

Newton's schedule also becomes more difficult. He should be a very solid starter the rest of the way, but if you can get top five value I would deal him before the deadline.