This is the final trade chart update before the 2021 NFL season gets underway, and within it is a good lesson about betting on talent in Dynasty leagues. One of the biggest risers in redraft this offseason has been Jerry Jeudy, and that's reflected in the most recent trade chart. One of the biggest fallers in the past couple of days is Darrell Henderson, whose value had only recently peaked because of the injury to Cam Akers

Jeudy has soared up to the No. 31 on the most recent top 150 on the strength of an impressive offseason, and Teddy Bridgewater being named starting quarterback only helps his 2021 prospects. Jeudy is the best route runner on the Broncos team, and Bridgewater prioritizes open receivers maybe more than any quarterback in football. 

If this all seems a little high after the rookie year Jeudy just had, you have to remember he was a first-round pick just a year ago and also that drops are not predictive at all. Worried about Courtland Sutton coming back? Jeudy is a better receiver prospect than Sutton and fits Bridgewater's style much better. He also won't even turn 23 years old until April of next year. 

The flip side of Jeudy's rise is what has happened to Henderson. Sure, his value was elevated when Akers went down. He looked like a 24-year-old feature back on an offense that had averaged 18 running back touchdowns per year the past three seasons. But he was also a former third-round pick whose team selected a running back in Round 2 the year after drafting him.

It seems pretty clear the Rams don't believe they can employ Henderson as a workhorse back, which definitely hurts his redraft and Dynasty value. But it doesn't crush it. Henderson would still be a fine target for a contender in need of a an RB2 this season, and he should be much cheaper today that he was before Sony Michel arrived.

Here is the updated trade chart. As always, remember, this is based on a one-QB PPR league where passing touchdowns are worth six points. If you play in a Superflex league, you can add approximately 12 points to the QB values. If you play in tight end premium, you can add nine points to the tight ends.

Two more quick notes:

  • These values are all in a vacuum, if you're a contender, veterans should be worth more to you. If you're rebuilding, youth and picks are worth more.
  • Two-for-one deals or bigger need to come with a discount. I would want 10% more than value to trade one player for two, and at least 20% more if someone is trying to trade me three.