After a brief stay at home, the Diamondbacks went back on the road for Monday night's game against the Giants in San Francisco. With them, they brought one of the longest road losing streaks in major-league history. They had lost 19 straight away games. 

Make that 20 straight road losses, as the Giants won 5-2

The longest road losing streaks in MLB history

  • 22 - the 1963 Mets and 1943 Athletics
  • 20 - the 1916 Athletics and 2021 Diamondbacks
  • 19 - the 1985 Pirates, 1945 Athletics and 1933 Reds
  • 18 - the 1949 Senators, 1932 Red Sox, 1920 Athletics and 1914 Reds

Notice that most of those are really far in the past. The 1963 Mets were just one year removed from being the worst team in history and went 51-111. All the other teams are pre-integration except the 1985 Pirates, who went 57-104, and this Diamondbacks team. At 20-47, the D-Backs are on pace to go 48-114. Only six teams in post-1900 history have lost at least 114 games, though this would mark the third straight full season it happened, following the 2018 Orioles and 2019 Tigers

Up next, the Diamondbacks will look to avoid crawling within one of the dubious record while playing again in San Francisco on Tuesday night. 

The Diamondbacks were contenders in 2019 at 85-77. They weren't very good last season at 25-35, though it was such a weird and shortened season it's easy to dismiss. This time around, they were 15-13 through May 2. Since then, they've gone 5-34 and haven't won a single road game. Pitching has been the main problem, with the rotation totally ravaged by injuries -- though they haven't performed well when healthy for the most part, either. 

In all, it's just a miserable season in Arizona and things are getting worse. Dubious history is on the table.