On Monday, the New York Yankees introduced new acquisition and reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton to the media in Orlando during baseball's Winter Meetings.

Predictably, Stanton faced a lot of questions about the Miami Marlins and Derek Jeter during his portion of the press conference. And, in the spirit of his Instagram post from earlier in the day, he let the Marlins have it.

Here are some of the fiercest cuts Stanton took at his old team:

To recap: Stanton said he submitted his list of teams before the Marlins ever hashed out a deal with the St. Louis Cardinals or San Francisco Giants. Nonetheless, he listened to those teams' presentations to get a feel for what other organizations are like, given his experience has been limited to playing for the Marlins -- an uneven experience due to their lack of consistent identity.

Stanton had talked with Jeter and pressed for the Marlins to push forward, adding pitching to go with their lineup. The Marlins didn't want to add, however, and will instead subtract -- a decision that Stanton feels will make for tough times in Miami. Stanton even went so far as to tell Marlins fans they might not want to attend games, given how brutal the product could become. 

That's more than your standard press conference fare -- and it's just another reason why Stanton is likely to remain the talk around baseball. 

Believe it or not, Stanton found time to talk about his new team, the Yankees, too:

So, Stanton is none too pleased with the Marlins or their direction. But he seems fond of the Yankees and their young core.

That's about what you'd expect, but, again, it's something to see Stanton be so forthright about it all. Good for him.