Nick Masset suspended three games for hitting Evan Gattis with pitch

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Major League Baseball has suspended Rockies reliever Nick Masset and fined Braves reliever David Carpenter an undisclosed amount of money for a pair of hit batsmen last week in Coors Field.

The Carpenter HBP happened after Rockies outfielder Corey Dickerson fouled a ball of Gerald Laird's mask and then got Laird with his bat on a follow-through of a swing. Watch it all here:

And now the Masset retaliation on Evan Gattis:

Definitely credit Gattis for taking his base, because many players would have started a brawl on that pitch -- even though it was clearly retaliatory for the Dickerson hit by pitch.

I have to say, though, I'm a bit surprised Masset got a three-game suspension while Carpenter avoided one. MLB found that each pitch was intentional -- hence the fine to Carpenter -- so why is Masset's worse? Hitting a guy on purpose is hitting a guy on purpose. I understand that Masset's came after both benches were warned but, again, both intentionally hit an opposing player.

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