PHOTOS: Wrigley Field with proposed additional signage

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There's much yet to be decided with regard to the proposed renovations to Wrigley Field (the team's negotiations/legal struggles with nearby rooftop owners has not yet reached the end-game stages), but we've already gotten a look at what the ballpark and environs will look like if the Cubs have their druthers. 

Part of the team's plan includes plan for additional signage within the park. For some revised specifics, please regard these architectural renderings released by the club on Tuesday. Take it away, Danny Ecker of Crain's Chicago ... 

For the fans, probably the biggest changes will involve the video board and the absence of bullpens in foul territory. For the players, the new clubhouse will no doubt come as a welcome development, as complaints aren't hard to find regarding the current arrangements. 

As for the signage, it deviates a bit from the original plan, which will no doubt further complicate the already complicated standoff with rooftop owners. 


(Wink of CBS eye: CBS Chicago)

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