Pirates pitcher Chad Kuhl ran over Brewers catcher Stephen Vogt in a play at the plate Monday night, knocking the catcher from the game. Kuhl was trying to score on Francisco Cervelli's fifth inning single.

Check it out:

Kuhl and Vogt collided up high, and Vogt also had his left leg bend back. Vogt exited the game but walked off the field under his own power. The Brewers say he has neck and knee injuries. Kuhl was shaken up but remained in the game. 

Home plate collisions have mostly been outlawed in baseball, though the runner is allowed to plow into the catcher if the catcher has the ball and is blocking the plate. That one looked borderline. Vogt clearly had the ball, but did he have enough time to set up and block the plate? The umpires ruled Kuhl out and did not review the play.

The Pirates and Brewers are beginning an important four-game series at PNC Park (GameTracker). The Pirates are trying to stay in the postseason race and this week is a big opportunity to gain ground on the first-place Brew Crew.