Twenty years after famously telling all-stars to get paid, Smash Mouth is upset that a certain one decided to do just that somewhere other than San Francisco.

The 1990s band became an unofficial Bryce Harper recruiter in February, pushing their hometown Giants to land the superstar. But now, with Philadelphia Phillies fans raining boos on Harper amid his weeks-long slump, Smash Mouth has redirected its anger toward the $330 million.

"Yo Bryce, told you not to go to Philly jack---!" Smash Mouth wrote on Twitter. "Giants fans never boo their own players! You were lead (sic) by $ only, so swim in the sea of boos now! How much do you love your agent now? Worth the taxes you avoided? How's that 45-minute drive to the stadium?"

The band went on to encourage "nurturing," not booing, players in additional tweets, suggesting Harper would've avoided jeering fans if he'd simply signed with the Giants.

And yet Harper himself hasn't condemned booing from Philly fans, who've watched him hit under .200 since early April. If anything, he's owning the booing.

"I'd do the same thing," the slugger told reporters this week.

It's not the first time Smash Mouth has sounded off on sports figures on Twitter. The band once had an infamous exchange with the Oakland Athletics and previously went after Cleveland Browns pass rusher Myles Garrett during a Kevin Durant debate.