All throughout spring training camps in Florida and Arizona, MLB teams bring in motivational speakers and guest instructors to help their players, especially their young players. The New York Yankees brought in Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson for that very reason. So he could rub elbows with their young players and be a positive influence.

As part of their spring routine, the Kansas City Royals have taken it upon themselves to teach their players about the harmful effects of ... pornography? Yes, pornography.

Royals GM Dayton Moore had an organization called Fight The New Drug come speak to their players about taking a stand against porn recently.

According to organization's website, Fight The New Drug is "passionate about influencing an entire generation to rise up and fight the status quo, rejecting the idea that porn is healthy, normal, or cool." From the website:

In FTND's awareness-raising presentation to the players, we specifically focused on how porn can impact a consumer's overall well-being, which in turn can affect productivity, performance, and personal image. Seeing as they are all constantly in the spotlight and in the public eye, and setting an example for those who look to them for inspiration, this issue is something that can greatly impact not only their careers, but also their lives.  

"It says a lot about the organization, that they care so much," said FTND Co-Founder and President Clay Olsen. "Not only do they care about how the players perform on the field, but they also care about the overall well-being of the players and how they're doing off the field, as well."  

I have to say, this sounds like something a high school coach would do to his team. All MLB teams should work with their players to prevent sexual abuse and domestic violence, but porn? It's one thing to bring in a motivational speaker. It's another for the team's leadership to push their own personal beliefs on the grown men they employ.

I wonder how all those Royals players -- look how many are in that room! -- felt about this.