After being traded to the Memphis Grizzlies during the offseason, Andre Iguodala made it clear he wanted no part of playing for a rebuilding team. He's still a valuable asset on a contending team and wants to have another chance at winning another ring before he retires. The former Finals MVP was allowed to skip training camp with the Grizzlies, with the thought that the team would trade him. Instead, Iguodala is still stuck in purgatory waiting to either be traded or be bought out of his current contract, freeing him to sign elsewhere.

It was reported a few weeks ago by Adrian Wojnarowski that, if he were to be bought out of his contract with the Grizzlies, Iguodala would decide between the Clippers and Lakers as his next destination. Well now, it appears that Iguodala has made his choice on where he would sign if he's able to leave Memphis. 

During a recent episode of the Brian Windhorst and the Hoop Collective podcast, ESPN's Jackie MacMullan said that it's all but a done deal that Iguodala would sign with the Lakers if he and the Grizzlies can agree on a buyout.

"We know where he's going, he's going to the Lakers," MacMullan said. "I've had four different players tell me that, every player I've talked to tells me that."

After the Lakers' season-opening loss to the Clippers, it's evident they could definitely use Iguodala's services. They lack the depth required to win a championship, and adding a player of Iguodala's caliber would greatly improve them on both ends of the floor. While there is no new information about a looming buyout with the Grizzlies, the Lakers can stand to wait a little longer to see how their season shakes out before adding him later on. 

If he becomes a free agent, that would be a huge advantage for the Lakers, but if a team steps in and offers the Grizzlies a trade offer they can't refuse then this won't even matter. For now, the Lakers need to focus on ensuring their loss to the Clippers doesn't start to become a habit, because while Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Danny Green played well, the same can't be said for the rest of the roster.

Iguodala can provide a boost off the bench for the Lakers, but he won't solve all their problems.