LeBron James is averaging 3.7 miles per hour in the conference finals, the second-slowest pace among all players remaining (with the Warriors' Zaza Pachulia being the slowest at 3.59 miles per hour) and the slowest pace in the Eastern Conference finals. James, however, wants nothing to do with pace stats. At 33 years old with 15 years of NBA experience under his belt, he claims that he's still working as hard as anyone.

"That's the dumbest s--- I've ever heard," James told The Athletic's Jason Lloyd after the Cavaliers' Game 4 win. "That tracking bulls--- can kiss my ass. The slowest guy? Get out of here."

Ask Cavaliers fans if they care how fast James is moving. James added those stats don't pick up the fact that he's playing 38.75 minutes per game, and by the end of the game he's utterly exhausted.

"Tell them to track how tired I am after the game, track that s---," he said. "I'm No. 1 in the NBA on how tired I am after the game."

James has visibly been exhausted at points in this postseason. Indeed, after the Cavaliers beat the Pacers in seven games in the first round, James was so gassed that at his press conference he simply said "I'm burnt right now. I'm not thinking about Toronto right now until tomorrow. I'm ready to go home," when asked about the Raptors.

James put up 44 points to even the series up 2-2, including a beautiful basket after a Kevin Love Hail Mary that James had to wrestle for.

Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue also has an explanation for the slow pace, which is that James really isn't being asked to move all that much.

"If you think about it, he don't really move unless he gets the ball in transition," Lue told The Athletic. "Then he's flying. Other than that, he ain't doing no movement. The last couple games, the movement we've had, we got him holding while everybody else is moving around. He's just standing. He ain't going to move."

Given that tracking is based on average pace, if James is stationary on the floor that would affect his numbers. James doesn't seem to be sweating it either way. He knows how hard he's working on the floor. And if that gets the Cavaliers wins, it'll be good enough for him.