Eye on Basketball Podcast: Clippers' talk with Dan Woike

I'm joined by Dan Woike of the Orange County Register to discuss the current state of the Los Angeles Clippers. In an interview we recorded Sunday evening before free agency began, we hit all of the major topics of the Clippers' offseason. We start with the acquisition of coach Doc Rivers and how crazy and rare that type of transaction is. We rarely see coaches being traded for draft picks, and with the trade between the Los Angeles Clippers and the Boston Celtics, we had a negotiating process in which both sides lost their leverage. How did it all shake out and what does it mean for the Clippers?

When we started talking before free agency began, it was safe to assume that Chris Paul would re-sign with the Clippers. But what else did the Clippers need to do? How do they handle the trade rumors of DeAndre Jordan and Eric Bledsoe? Do one of them need to be dealt? Do they both have to be dealt in order to acquire a third superstar? And is O.J. Mayo more like egg whites or baconnaise? 

We discuss all of this, plus Napster, pay walls and Dan pitches me an idea for a movie podcast.

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