When Kevin Durant joined the Warriors it immediately became one of the most controversial and divisive free-agent decisions since LeBron James left Cleveland. Durant was leaving not only the franchise that had drafted and developed him into an MVP, but he was going to the team he was one game away from beating just one year before. Another superteam was forming, but this wasn't like James forming the Heat. The Warriors had already won a title, been to the NBA Finals in back-to-back seasons, and won 73 games. Adding Durant just felt unfair.

Some called Durant a front-runner, and others called him "cowardly" while his defenders said it was his choice to make. There was likely a great amount of stress put on Durant when he made his decision, his mind was made up. He was leaving for the Bay Area. With the Warriors one game away from the conference finals, ESPN's The Undefeated asked Durant if he felt he had made the correct decision. 

"I made the 100 percent correct decision, win or lose," Durant told The Undefeated after the Warriors' practice at AT&T Center in San Antonio on Sunday. "I feel like this is the place I was supposed to be. I appreciate everything I've done before this. But I'm here now, and I feel like it's a great spot for me to be.  

Durant has had to battle injuries this season, but he's had a pretty incredible season for Golden State. He's still the dominant force he was in Oklahoma City, but on the defensive side of the ball he reached another level this season. The Warriors did their best to adapt Durant to their system and he thrived in it.

It's no surprise Durant is happy with his decision. He's still getting his touches, being treated like a superstar, and he's at a level of success that's somehow beyond what he had in Oklahoma City. He has formed a friendship with Draymond Green and he appears to be very happy living in the Bay Area. Obviously he'll feel like the season was a failure if he doesn't win the title, but no matter what happens he won't regret his decision to go to the Warriors.