Metta World Peace was scheduled to appear on Conan two weeks ago, and then something happened. He tried to dislodge James Harden's beard from his face. World Peace canceled and re-scheduled the appearance, which finally happened Monday.

He talked mostly about the incident, accepting most of the responsibility.

"That elbow was a little bit too much, and I deserve the suspension," he said. "I don't know if I deserved that many games."

He then cited the incident of Kevin Love stomping on Luis Scola, while also calling people hypocrites for blasting him for the elbow while saying some of those same people asked him for "protection" in the locker room.

Still pleading innocence and claiming it was part of a misguided celebration -- "When I did it, I didn't realize anybody was going to be behind me" -- in an odd twist, World Peace seemingly placed some blame on Harden for the incident.

"But actually he does that a lot," World Peace said of Harden. "He runs into people's elbows when somebody's dunking; he puts his chin right there. He did it to Tyson Chandler."

World Peace is referencing this play from last season's Western Conference Finals where Harden crowded Chandler after a dunk and appeared to exaggerate minimal contact.

World Peace has now served five games of his seven-game suspension, with the sixth game to happen Tuesday. If the Lakers finish the Nuggets in Game 5, he will be available to return in Game 2 against Oklahoma City.