Oh, hey, by the way, the Sixers still don't have a coach

Jrue Holiday has been traded but there are Sixers left without a coach.     (USATSI)
Jrue Holiday has been traded, but there are Sixers left without a coach. (USATSI)

This is taking tanking a bit far, don't you think? The Philadelphia 76ers parted ways with Doug Collins on April 18. Three months ago. 

They still don't have a coach. They've flirted with candidates, most notably Spurs assistant Brett Brown, but they've yet to make a hire. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports they're interviewing Celtics assistant Jay Larranaga, who was considered the front runner for the Boston gig before the stunning hire of Brad Stevens. But the fact remains we're through the draft, the summer league has started, and the 76ers still don't have a coach. 

The Sixers want to bottom out next year after trading Jrue Holiday to the Pelicans for Nerlens Noel, injured project center, and a 2014 draft pick, but they still have veterans on the roster. How do Thad Young and Evan Turner feel about being on a roster without a coach? Or Jason Richardson, at the end of his career? 

Now, the Magic took until July 28 last summer to bring a guy to the sideline. But at some point, you have to get a guy in to start having an offseason plan in place. Even if you're tanking, you have to have some sort of organizational structure. Or maybe you don't. 

Maybe they should take this further. Just don't hire a coach. 

"We're just going to trust the players, go on out there, and see what happens!" 

In a related story: 76ers season tickets are on sale now! 

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