Paul Pierce and the Celtics had something truly special. His time with the franchise will be remembered by Celtics fans forever, with the peak of it all being when he teamed up with Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen to win a championship in 2008. Those three, along with Rajon Rondo, had some incredible years together.

However, their relationship fell apart when Allen left for Miami to join LeBron James on the Heat. Ever since, there's been awkwardness between Allen and his former Celtics teammates even, though many of them are retired. 

That awkwardness might finally see an end if Pierce has his way. He posted a photo with Allen on his Instagram account as the former teammates met in China.

Pierce is the first of those Celtics to reach out publicly. If the Truth is willing to bury the hatchet with Allen then maybe Garnett and Rondo can follow suit. After all, they were all part of something really special and it's a shame that one of the key members of that group has been ostracized. Hopefully Pierce can change that.