For the first time in his career, Martellus Bennett is going to the Super Bowl. By the look of it, he's truly going to soak up these next two weeks. Following the Patriots' drubbing of the Steelers on Sunday, which clinched their spot in Super Bowl LI, Bennett celebrated in the most Bennett way.

First, he danced with the Patriots' cheerleaders.

Bonus footage:

Hopefully Bill Belichick sees this article, because he missed the scene.

"Yeah, I missed all of the dancing with the cheerleaders; sorry," Belichick said Monday, per NESN. "We'll have to get a replay on that."

Then, Bennett had the most Bennett quote ever about his brother.

"Oh yeah," Bennett said, per NESN. "I'm about to FaceTime him and say, 'Now I'm going to the Super Bowl, mother---. Meet me in Houston!'"

He went on to compare NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to Waldo.

"Oh yeah, where is he?" Bennett said, per The New York Times. "He's like Waldo right now. He don't want to come here."

Goodell, who still hasn't attended a game in Foxborough since Deflategate broke, skipped the AFC title game to visit Atlanta for a second consecutive weekend. During the Patriots' win, Gillette Stadium repeatedly chanted "Roger" and "Where's Roger?" It was clearly audible, yet after the game, Tom Brady claimed that he didn't hear the chants.

Bennett could've gone the same route as Brady and tried to make it a non-story. Instead, he compared Goodell to Waldo, which makes Bennett a) awesome for always saying what he wants to say and b) the potential savior of the next two football-less weeks. The lead up to the Super Bowl is often dull and unremarkable (at least that's the Falcons' hope this time around), but with Bennett near a microphone, this could be the most memorable two weeks of the season.

He already compared making the playoffs for the first time to having sex. Stay tuned.