Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes isn't as fast a Lamar Jackson, but at times, he can be just as dangerous when he's running the ball, and the Tennessee Titans found that out the hard way during the AFC Championship game on Sunday. 

With just 23 seconds left to play in the first half, the Chiefs had the ball at Tennessee's 27-yard line, and although they had just put together a solid two-minute drive, it looked like the Titans were going to be able to hold Kansas City to just a field goal. However, that didn't happen thanks to Mahomes, who did his best impression of Jackson and Derrick Henry at the same time. 

On a second-and-10 play, Mahomes dropped back to pass, but couldn't find anyone to throw to, so he started to roll left, and that's when the magic happened, and instead of describing the run, we'll just let you watch it below. 

That is a 27-yard touchdown run! 

Not only did Mahomes score, but he also set a franchise record, becoming the first Chiefs player to rush for a touchdown and throw multiple touchdowns in the same game (Keep in mind, Mahomes did all that in one half). 

The most amazing part of the run came toward the end when Mahomes got spun around. At one point, he wasn't even facing the end zone and he had two Titans players ready to take him down, but he was somehow able to escape to get the score. 

Patrick Mahomes had a wild TD run against the Chiefs.  CBS Sports

Mahomes ended the half with 172 passing yards and two touchdowns, along with a team-leading 36 rushing yards. 

The quarterback's touchdown run gave the Chiefs a 21-17 lead going into halftime. For an update on the AFC Championship game that includes the score and latest stats, be sure to click here and head to our live blog