Coming into August, the Dolphins' depth chart had a strange quirk to it. The running back position was listed as Frank Gore OR Kenyan Drake at the starting position, with Senorise Perry backing up Kenyan Drake OR Frank Gore. A lot of people wondered why the Dolphins would do such a thing, questioning if it was some strange meta-game from the same team that brought the Wildcat offense into the mainstream a decade ago.

As it turned out, head coach Adam Gase has a very simple -- and very self-aware -- explanation for it.


You've got to respect the introspection, but in all honesty, there's not much value to be had in the strategy. It's unlikely that Bill Belichick is going to lose sleep wondering whether Frank Gore or Kenyan Drake is going to get touches this season.

The seemingly immortal Gore rushed for 961 yards for the Colts last year, averaging 3.7 yards per carry. He'll look to bring that average up, but at 35, it's hard to determine what kind of impact he'll have throughout the year. Drake has 823 career rushing yards, but the Dolphins may hope to lean on him a bit more in his third season.

It's entirely likely these two will split carries, at least early on in the regular season when the Dolphins open up against the Titans. Until then, however, Gase will presumably continue to keep everyone guessing.