Antonio Brown has been out of football for nearly two months, and although there was some speculation that he might eventually return to the NFL in 2019, he's now saying he doesn't want to play in the league ever again. 

Well, he was saying that, now he's saying something else. 

After ripping the NFL to shreds Thursday morning, Brown is backtracking on those words. Not only did the free agent receiver delete his original tweet that said "F--- the NFL," but Brown also sent out a new tweet that was much friendlier than his first one.  

That tweet was in stark contrast to earlier in the day when Brown went on a social media tirade where he ripped the NFL for the way he believes the league treats black people. Brown bashed the league on both Instagram and Twitter. 

Antonio Brown ripped the NFL on Twitter Twitter/AB84

On Instagram, Brown changed his message, but just slightly.  

"F--- NFL, I'm going down another path no more making money off my blood and sweat," Brown wrote on Instagram. "No more control of my name and body clear my name I am done with it! So you fantasy f---s can let it go."

The social media tirade came just hours after it was reported that the NFL had scheduled a meeting for next week with Brown to interview him as part of the league's investigation into the multiple sexual assault accusations that have been levied against the receiver since the beginning of the 2019 season. 

Despite the planned interview, which presumably would be a good thing for Brown because it would give him a chance to tell his side of the story, the receiver now actually seems more upset with the NFL than he's been at any point over the past two months. 

Brown hasn't tried to hide that fact that he's been frustrated with the league over the slow pace of its investigation. Back in September, he tweeted that he wouldn't be playing in the NFL anymore. In October, Brown sent out a two-word tweet that seemed to be directed at the NFL. 

Brown has been in hot water since September when a sexual assault lawsuit was filed against him in Florida. In the lawsuit, Brown is accused of sexually assaulting a female acquaintance, Britney Taylor, on three separate occasions between June 2017 and May 2018. Although Brown's legal team has admitted that the two had a sexual relationship, his camp maintains that everything was consensual between Brown and Taylor. Taylor was interviewed by the NFL back on Sept. 16.  

Now, Brown is about to get a chance to share his side of the story with the NFL, although based on his tirade, it's not clear if he even wants to meet with the league anymore. Of course, if Brown ever wants to play again, he will attend the meeting, and it sounds like someone made that clear to him based on the fact that he deleted his tweets from earlier in the day. 

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