Baltimore Ravens poke fun at Miami Heat NBA title parade

Sometimes size does matter, like when you're comparing the size of your championship parade to someone else's. 

That's what the Baltimore Ravens did on Tuesday.

The Ravens' social media team took to both Twitter and Instagram to poke fun at the size of the Heat's NBA championship parade. As you can see by the photo above, the only people who showed up at Miami's parade on Monday were the 17 fans the Heat had before LeBron James signed with the team in July 2010. That's a joke. I love you, Heat fans. 

As you can imagine, though, Miami fans weren't thrilled with the Ravens and quickly took to Twitter to defend the Heat fan base. Here's picture of Monday's parade that shows a few more people than the picture the Ravens sent out:

Here's another picture that shows slightly more fans than the Baltimore picture showed:

We should point out that the Heat might end up getting the last laugh here. According to estimates, almost 400,000 fans showed up at Miami's parade while only 200,000 showed up at Baltimore's parade in February. 

And if Heat fans literally want the last laugh, they can show up at Sun Life Stadium on Oct. 6 and laugh at the Ravens when the Dolphins host Baltimore in Week 5 of NFL regular season. 

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