The Jets are coming off their ugliest loss of the season, managing to score just six points against the Dolphins in a game rookie quarterback Sam Darnold completed just 54 percent of his throws, tossed four interceptions and was sacked four times. New York has lost three straight and sits at 3-6, just one game above the hapless Bills in the AFC East.

There were no bright spots on offense but the defense did manage to hold the Dolphins to 13 points and keep the Jets in the game till the end. But it was coach Todd Bowles' post game comments about that D -- "We still have to get turnovers" -- that left former Jets linebacker Bart Scott seeing red.

Scott was hot: "This is bull crap, right?! We gotta get turnovers? Really? Three for 16, that's a turnover! When you get the three-and-out, that's a turnover! That's getting the ball back to the offense!

"What are you talking about!" he continued. "Four sacks, holding Osweiler to 15 of 24 for 139 yards. What the hell are you talking about!? That's the type of statement that pisses me off in the locker room as a defensive player and we gotta have a conversation. Because you start pointing fingers at us that we ain't doing good enough -- you didn't do good enough! You didn't prepare us good enough. You didn't represent us good enough. You didn't make adjustments. We had questions and you didn't give us any answers. How about that one!"

Scott isn't wrong. The Jets are a lifeless bunch, and even if Bowles wasn't explicitly calling out the defense -- we watched the press conference and, honestly, he seemed tired of taking questions about benching Darnold -- it's easy to understand how an exasperated fan base might take issue with his words.

The good news is the Jets should get a respite this week when they host the Bills. That said, god help us all if New York finds a way to lose that game.