The Browns appear to be turning a corner, heading out of Dysfunction Land and into the light of NFL success, led by GM John Dorsey and quarterback Baker Mayfield. But even marginal success has people remaining wary, because of the Browns' struggles throughout the past. 

Cleveland has done lots of dumb things, like not trade Brian Hoyer for a "high second-round pick," which is one of the many insane things about the Jimmy Haslam era chronicled in a lengthy and mind-blowing profile from ESPN's Seth Wickersham.

I'm not sure that "not trading Hoyer for a great draft pick" qualifies to be as bad as accidentally showing pornography on a giant projector for 20 minutes in the middle of a work day from an office nightmare perspective, but it's definitely up there in terms of football stupidity. 

And, according to Wickersham, not trading Hoyer is exactly what happened. The Browns had just drafted Johnny Manziel with their second first-round pick of the 2014 NFL Draft, when Houston called them to offer a pick. Then-GM Ray Farmer nixed the deal. From Wickersham:

Brian Hoyer, the Browns' starting quarterback, was furious about Manziel. Farmer called him shortly after the pick to calm him down. Moments later, the Texans called, offering a high second-round pick for Hoyer. The room was buzzing with the chance to pick up a potential first-round player for second-round money. But Farmer killed the trade, later telling friends he felt like he had to take control of his first draft. 

The Texans only had one second-round pick in this draft, and it was No. 33. So that's exciting! Would the Texans have really shipped the first pick in the second round of the 2014 NFL Draft to the Browns for BRIAN HOYER? Say that out loud and see how it rolls off the tongue. 

Houston took Xavier Su'a-Filo with that pick, but just for fun, here are the people taken immediately after that: DeMarcus Lawrence, Joel Bitonio (by the Browns) and Derek Carr. There were lots of good players on the board, all of whom were not a 29-year-old career backup quarterback. 

Hoyer was actually really good for the Browns to start the 2014 season, but ownership dove in and forced Manziel into the starting lineup. 

You can't even really blame the Browns here so much as you can wonder what the Texans were thinking. It's way more offensive to OFFER a second-round pick for Hoyer than it is to turn down a second-round pick for Hoyer. Houston reportedly did the former, and Cleveland the latter. 

Both are terrible, don't get me wrong. But in the big scheme of things, this is mostly just another drop in the bucket of bizarre disasters that have occurred during the Haslams' tenure as Browns owners.