Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has always been supportive of offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy. The assistant has long been regarded as one of the top prospects to land a head coaching gig, but it hasn't come to fruition yet. That's why when former running back LeSean McCoy recently attacked Bieniemy, Reid came to his defense.

During an appearance on the I AM ATHLETE podcast, McCoy said there's a reason Bieniemy has received more hype than head coaching offers, and also pointed to him as the reason he stopped playing in Kansas City. McCoy alleged Bieniemy spoke to players "a certain way" that he deemed inappropriate, and is not surprised that the assistant hasn't found a head coaching gig just yet. Reid responded to these comments, indicating that what McCoy was alluding to is actually a strength of Bieniemy's.  

"Sometimes it's hard on a veteran player," Reid said of McCoy's criticism, via Pro Football Talk. "Maybe their performance level isn't what it used to be, and it's hard to take sometimes. But [Bieniemy is] going to push you to try to maximize what you've got. That's one of his strengths. . . . He'll come in and shoot you straight. Sometimes you want to hear it. Sometimes you don't."

Reid knows McCoy well. While the two were together for just one season in Kansas City, they spent four years together with the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid says he still is a fan of McCoy, but that the veteran may have struggled to accept his age or his role in Kansas City's offense in 2019. McCoy recorded 646 yards from scrimmage and five touchdowns in 13 games played, and wasn't active for the Chiefs' Super Bowl LIV victory.

"I'm a big LeSean fan," Reid said. "In my eyes, he's a future Hall of Fame running back. If you look at it statistically, he's tremendous. But he wasn't the youngest pup in the kennel here. He was on the back side and sometimes that's hard to take."

Bieniemy has served as the offensive coordinator for the Chiefs for four seasons. He interviewed for the Denver Broncos and New Orleans Saints head coaching jobs this offseason, but was again passed over. Reid said he is "disappointed" that his offensive coordinator hasn't gotten his chance yet.