Let the quarterback controversy in Dallas officially begin! The Cowboys' incumbent quarterback, Tony Romo, has been cleared to practice with the team while Dak Prescott continues to prep for the team's game against the Steelers on Sunday.

While Romo is cleared, it's not clear just how much he'll practice this week.

Romo already returned to the practice field the past couple of weeks, but he was limited. Still that was enough for Dez Bryant to build up some hype.

"I think he's been losing some weight and I think I saw some abs on him," Bryant said, per NFL.com. He added that Romo "looked like a little missile."

Romo's clearance to practice with the team adds credibility to Jerry Jones' earlier comments when the Cowboys owner did not rule out the possibility of Romo being active for this week's game. Our Jared Dubin has more:

For the first time this season, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is not ruling out Tony Romo for Dallas' next game. Jones has in the past immediately shut down any thought of Romo, who is recovering from a fractured back suffered during the preseason, being active for the following week when he has talked to reporters after one of the Cowboys' games.

This week was different.

"Unlike last week, I wouldn't speculate," Jones said, per the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "I don't know. But he will do more. And he's really doing things that are strong relative to last year's strength. He's ahead of last year."

Quarterback controversies are only fun when you're not involved in them. I am not involved. And I can't wait for Sunday. Can you imagine what will happen if Romo is active on the sidelines and Prescott begins showing signs that he's actually a rookie?

For what it's worth, I'm firmly on #TeamRomo. But that's an article for another day. Besides, CBS Sports' Pete Prisco already wrote the pro-Romo article earlier Monday:

Prescott has played like anything but a rookie passer in leading the Cowboys to the top spot in the NFC, but I also think Romo would have been 7-1 at this point as well.

I hear all the arguments for continuity, but it's more than that. Which one gives you the best chance to win a Super Bowl? I say it's Romo, but time will tell.

I can't wait to watch how Jones and Jason Garrett handle this. The good news? They're 7-1 and have two starting quarterbacks on their roster in a league that doesn't feature 32 NFL-caliber quarterbacks. So, there's really no bad choice to make.