With one swing of his right leg, Cowboys kicker Brett Maher booted his way into the NFL record book on Sunday. 

On the final play before halftime in the Cowboys 37-10 win over the Eagles, Maher drilled a 63-yard field goal, which is tied for the second longest kick in NFL history. With four seconds left in the half, the Cowboys had the ball at the Eagles 45-yard line with two choices: They could either try the field goal or have Dak Prescott throw a Hail Mary. 

After watching Maher nail a 62-yard kick last week, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett decided the team's best chance at scoring was to send Maher out for a long field goal attempt. 

"Our goal was to give Brett an opportunity," Garrett said after the game, via the quotes from the team. "We got to the 45-yard line and they all looked at me and said 'let's go.'"

According to NBC's kick tracker, the field goal would have been good from 66 yards. 

The kick marked the third time in his career that Maher has made a field of more than 60 yards, which is an NFL record. Before this week, Maher had hit two 60-yarders in his career, which was tied with Sebastian Janikowski and Greg Zuerlein for the most ever. 

The kick actually almost didn't happen because Garrett had second thoughts about the attempt. 

"I had to think twice about it, but he's been so good," Garrett said. "He's been good beyond 60 for us. I think that's probably his third or fourth one in the last couple of years. He's very confident in those situations, I thought the guys were confident.'' 

Maher's ability to hit 60-yard kicks is basically unprecedented. In NFL history, there have been a total of 144 field goals attempted from over 60 yards. While Maher is 3 of 3 (100 percent), every other kicker in NFL history has combined to go 19 of 141 (13.5 percent), according to Pro Football Reference. Even Justin Tucker has struggled from that range, hitting just 1 of 4 attempts in his career. 

The wild thing about Maher is that he's actually better from beyond 60 yards than he is from close up. Through seven weeks this season, Maher is hitting just 50 percent of his field goal attempts that have come between 30 and 59 yards (4 of 8).  All three of Maher's 60-plus yard kicks have come in the past 10 months. 

With his kick against the Eagles, Maher became the sixth kicker in NFL history to hit a 63-yard field. The NFL record for longest kick is held by Matt Prater, who drilled a 64-yard field goal while playing for the Broncos in 2013. Although Maher didn't top Prater's record, he did set the NFL record for longest field goal in an indoor stadium.