Less than 24 hours after getting a hero's welcome in his hometown of Lufkin, Texas, Dez Bryant probably didn't get the same treatment when he arrived at the Cowboys' practice facility Friday. 

According to NFL.com, Bryant missed his mandatory conditioning test after showing up three hours late to the team's facility in Frisco, Texas. 

It's not clear whether Bryant will be punished, but it's safe to say the Cowboys' coaching staff probably wasn't thrilled to see the team's star receiver show up late for the team's first unofficial day of practice. The conditioning test scheduled for Friday was being held one day before Cowboys veterans were scheduled to report to training camp. 

Bryant told NFL Network's Jane Slater that he showed up late because he was battling a "sinus infection and headaches" after staying the night in Lufkin. Bryant has already apologized to the Cowboys coaching staff for showing up late. 

The wide receiver was in Lufkin on Thursday because he decided to buy barbecue for pretty much everyone in his hometown. Bryant dropped $16,000 on an event that included free food, free drinks and free haircuts. After staying in Lufkin, Bryant had to make the roughly 3 1/2-hour drive from his hometown to the Cowboys' practice facility for his conditioning test. 

In the grand scheme of things, Bryant's tardiness probably won't even register as a blip on the radar for a team that's spent the past week dealing with Ezekiel Elliott's offseason issues.