Dirk Koetter on the Buccaneers' 48-10 loss to the Bears: Fire everyone, 'starting with me'

To describe what happened to the Buccaneers on Sunday as a bad loss would be underselling the manner in which the Buccaneers lost to the Bears. The Buccaneers didn't just lose, they got humiliated in a bloodbath. 

The Bears won 48-10. It likely would've been worse if the Bears hadn't taken their foot off the gas in the second half. Mitchell Trubisky, who entered the game with nine touchdowns in 15 career starts, torched the Buccaneers' defense for six touchdowns. The Buccaneers got sacked four times, intercepted three times, and penalized 11 times for 99 yards. It was a Category 5 disaster on both sides of the ball. 

You know it's bad when your own coach is advocating for his own dismissal, which is what Dirk Koetter did after the game.

"Based on that game today, we couldn't make enough changes," Koetter said. "We should fire every person that was on that field today, starting with me. That was horrific."

Horrific doesn't even begin to describe the Buccaneers' performance, but it's worth noting that if someone had told the Buccaneers before the season that they'd enter their Week 5 bye with a 2-2 record, they probably would've been ecstatic considering they were without Jameis Winston for three games. Two improbable wins over the Saints and Eagles have kept the Buccaneers relevant, even if their past two losses have dampened their season-long outlook.

They do have issues to sort through before their season starts up again in Week 6. The most-pressing issue is the defense. Even before Trubisky carved them up, the Buccaneers were allowing more than 30 points per game.

They've also got questions to answer on the other side of the ball. After benching Ryan Fitzpatrick and inserting Jameis Winston at halftime, the Buccaneers appear to be moving forward with Winston as their starting quarterback. Neither quarterback fared well against what might be the best defense in football. Fitzpatrick isn't the one to blame for the Buccaneers' 35-point halftime deficit, but he only led one scoring drive and threw an ugly pick. Winston certainly shouldn't be blamed for anything that happened, but he threw two interceptions in one half of action and led only one scoring drive.

Again, the Buccaneers don't need to panic. At 2-2, they're in the thick of the NFC playoff picture. But if they're going to make sure that 2-2 start doesn't go to waste, they'll need to fix the issues that plagued them on Sunday. The good news is they get their bye week to do exactly that.

After their bye week, the Buccaneers head to Atlanta for a critical divisional game against the Falcons. The Falcons lost again on Sunday to drop their record to 1-3, but they're averaging 34.7 points per game over their last three games. So, the Buccaneers need to get their defensive issues sorted out before Week 6.

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