Things took an awkward but expected turn on Monday night in Buffalo when several Bills fans, during a home game against the Patriots, decided to lob sex toys onto the field at New Era Field. And now one of them -- a Florida man named Michael Abdallah -- has been arrested for the act.

For whatever reason, throwing these inanimate rubber objects on the field is just kind of a thing that Bills mafia does, and when "Monday Night Football" comes to Buffalo, you can bet they aren't calming down with the enthusiasm. 

They were even warned by the folks who run the stadium not to throw "anything" on the field.

Like telling a child not to do something, this did not deter Bills fans. As captured by multiple reporters at and around the game, multiple sex toys were tossed on the field. 

But one that landed in the end zone was likely what captured the attention of authorities and ultimately resulted in Abdallah being arrested by the Erie County Sheriff's Office and charged with disorderly conduct. 

Abdallah is due back in court in December after being released on bail -- either $250 cash or $1000 bond. 

According to the report from WKBW, deputies and New Era Field security pieced together eyewitness accounts and surveillance footage in order to determine who it was throwing the object on the field, which is, frankly, a whole lot of effort to put into finding out who engaged in the lewd behavior. 

Consider it a message from the Bills to the rest of the world and every Florida man out there: throw a sex toy on the field at New Era Field and you be subject to the most embarrassing arrest of all time.